PREMIERE | Crankdat Unleashes New Bass Heavy Trap / Dubstep Song “Need Somebody”


We’re excited to have Crankdat back on the site for his latest original track, a bass music banger called “Need Somebody.” The young producer has set himself up for massive success in 2018 with a string of huge announcements that include a Hakkasan Group residency, the launch of his very own national radio show called Gear Up Radio, and an upcoming collaboration with Marshmello.

But first, Crankdat is kicking things off with the release of “Need Somebody.” This track starts off with a fast-paced rhythm and addicting filtered vocal that hooks the listener before a rapid buildup accelerates the track into a hard-hitting drop. Crankdat uses just the right amount of dissonance on the lead synths to make the melodies captivating as they break in and out of heavy synth sweeps and dubstep-style beats. If you thought the first drop was heavy, stick around for the insane buildup at the end of the song.

Oh yea, and did we mention that today is Crankdat’s birthday? Check out the track below and be sure to wish him a happy birthday in the comments. See tour dates below. Enjoy! 

Crankdat – Need Somebody

Tour Dates:
March 9 – Los Angeles – Academy
March 16 – Miami – E11even
April 15 – New York – Lavo
May 19 – Las Vegas – EDC Las Vegas
August 24 – Nurburn, Germany – New Horizons Festival

Live photo credit: Conor Craig