Credit Electric Find A Wholesome Feel On Indie Track, “St. Francis’s Child”


Laid back indie music is such an underrated vibe if you ask me. San Francisco Bay Area band, Credit Electric, has sharpened that wholesome lo-fi rock sound into a fine pointed arrow to the heart with their new single, “St. Francis’s Child.”

When angelic chimes trade licks with a graceful guitar at square one of the track, you know it’s time to take a load off. Dual harmony vocals step front and center but don’t distract from the charismatic groove of the band, all pieces perfectly playing their role in cultivating a warm hearted aura that is as vulnerable as it is inviting.

As music enthusiasts, we love finding awesome new sounds here at TSIS. Credit Electric has me feeling all sorts of tender with “St. Francis’s Child” and I’m leaning all the way into it. Stream below and enjoy!

Credit Electric – St. Francis’s Child