Cu Boulder 420 Smokeout Video 2011 (Biggest Weed Smoking Gathering Ever): featuring Tayyib Ali


So for those are aren't familiar, every April 20th, (4/20), at 4:20pm thousands upon thousands of weed smokers gather in Boulder, Colorado on University of Colorado's campus and all smoke weed without consequence of law. It's a crazy event I heard about, and almost didn't believe, well I made a video last year and it ended up getting taken down, so I've made a new video to show you guys this crazy event. This year I heard speculation of over 20,000 people making it the biggest gathering to date! I figured what better song then Tayyib Ali's 'Get High'. It's a great chill track off his Eighteen Mixtape. Check out the video and grab the track below!

Get High – Tayyib Ali | Download