TikTok’s Phenom Rapper Curtis Roach Exhibits Impressive Lyricism on “Stressed Out”


Detroit rapper Curtis Roach took TikTok by storm last year with the hit song “Bored in the House,” the coronavirus quarantine anthem we all knew we needed. His original post for that track is now up to 20 million views and counting. Known for his catchy improvisational beats as well as structured and chill hip hop like his latest Luv Bug EP, Curtis has been making waves in the hip hop scene as a member of Detroit’s Forever Golden collective. His first single of 2021, “Stressed Out,” is a step back into his more lyrical roots and has us really caught our attention.

The track features a synth driven bouncy groove that leaves space for Curtis to deliver his unique, irresistible flow. His lighthearted and entertaining lyricism is impressive and solidifies that he’s so much more than just a one hit wonder.

We’re excited to see what else Curtis Roach has been working on, but for now we’ll be blasting this one on repeat. Keep an eye out for the official music video coming out next week. Enjoy!

Curtis Roach – Stressed Out