[PREMIERE] Rising Artist CVBZ Delivers Catchy New Single “Vicodin”

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It is with pleasure we introduce CVBZ, the singer-songwriter originating from Oregon, to the TSIS community. CVBZ, now stationed in LA, released his debut single “Be Like You” in late 2016, which has already racked up over 8 million plays on Spotify alone. His latest release “Vicodin” is most certainly another hit. 
“Vicodin” is an incredibly catchy song with an equally impressive vocal performance from CVBZ himself. With smooth production in tandem with provocative vocals, this track will be on repeat throughout the summer months. 
“A lot of people fear losing control, and in doing so, unknowingly fall for forbidden fruits. However, some of us don't feel fearful in free fall— and this song is for US.  Vicodin is a song about reckless abandon. It's about feeling distant from yourself— or at least, the self, you have been told to be— and letting go of the reigns. It's a cautionary tale of cognitive dissonance and the inner battle between "right and wrong" – CVBZ
CVBZ is most certainly an artist we suggest you pay attention to as his career is just beginning to blossom in a very rapid fashion. If you are lucky enough to be attending Firefly Festival, Summerfest, Hangout or Bunberry Music Festival this summer, make sure to stop by the CVBZ show as it will be one to remember. In the meantime savor his new single “Vicodin”… Enjoy!

CVBZ – Vicodin | iTunes