Cymek & Mfinity Deliver A Master Class on Otherworldly Downtempo Bass with “Duality”


If you’ve been looking for your next dose of chill bass music, producers Cymek and Mfinity have your latest fix. They teamed up to drop “Duality,” one of the slickest downtempo tracks we’ve heard in a minute.

Listening to “Duality” feels like going on a journey through outer space. The song’s title seems to refer to the way it balances the delicate ripples of chimes with its heavy bass drops. Despite the intense bass though, everything about this track feels smooth, flowy, and intentional. We can appreciate the beauty of faraway constellations in the organic synth inflections they add, while navigating meteorites in the asteroid belt of bass drops they introduce. Underneath it all is the subtly churning melody, its momentum pushing us forward through the song.

“Duality” is truly a master class on downtempo music done right. You can check it out below. Enjoy!

Cymek & Mfinity – Duality