Talented Producer D33J Releases Impressive Debut Album ‘Death Valley Oasis’ via WEDIDIT

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Shlohmo’s WEDIDIT collective has been a staple in the underground beat scene for years with numerous artists making waves out of the collective. Now after years of releases, talented producer and guitarist D33J has shared his debut album Death Valley Oasis

D33J has become a master at blending genres on his experimental electronic productions and puts this skill set on full display for his full length debut. The project is cinematic; each track evolves throughout and the LP as whole goes through a wild journey from start to finish.

The melodies are all lush and enticing, but the sound design is just next level, which is the ideal combination. “Spark” is an early standout on the project with the perfect use of vocal distortions alongside the trippy, crashing production with numerous textures and layers giving the track depth. The entire project is just what we wanted to hear from the talented artists with other highlights including his single “Black Ice” but the whole thing is worth listenting to from start to finish. Enjoy!

D33j – Death Valley Oasis | Purchase