Dabin’s ‘Between Broken’ LP Combines Indie Acoustic With Dance-Pop Flair

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Denver-based producer/multi-instrumentalist/DJ, Dabin, has spent the last decade refining his melodic musical style into what it is today. After remaining relatively quiet for most of this year, he’s finally ready to unveil his third studio album, Between Broken.

The 13-track album blends uplifting electronica with inventive alternative and pop compositions while exploring motifs of heartbreak, love, and loss. Some tracks of note are the opening title track which warmly welcomes listeners into Dabin’s journey with fleeting basslines and full-bodied harmonies, the euphoric melodic anthem, “Hope It Hurts,” and the acoustic pop ballad, “Feel Like.” Between Broken also features a number of collaborations including MYRNE, Nurko, William Black, and Xxajii.

Effortlessly combining indie acoustic elements with sonic dance-pop flair, Dabin’s expansive sound is unmistakably his own, as signified through his third studio album. Stream the album below and enjoy!

Dabin – Between Broken