Daft Punk let loose new song clip on SNL

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Daft Punk conitinue to cement the information of the French duo releasing a new 4th album. A 15 second ad aired during SNL on Saturday Night, featuring the first clip off their new album. It packed quite the funky guitar riff, and had a very organic feel.. The quick clip showed the Daft Punk logo and the helmets cover it, the same helmet graphic that surfaced on their website last week. It was short, sweet, and now will have the world talking about it. Well played Daft Punk.

Apparently the clip was shown right at midnight making it March 3rd or numerically 3. 03, hinting at their popular 303 synth used in lots of their earlier music. Can anyone confirm this detail?

What are your thoughts on the first official Daft Punk original in years? Also below is the 10 hour version for those who can't get enough Daft.

Or if it better suits you the 10 hour long looped version.