[BREAKING NEWS] Daft Punk Going on U.S. Random Access Memories 2013 Tour Dates with Justice & The Chemical Brothers

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UPDATE: It looks like the source who sent this in, was not indeed the legitimate source they claimed to be, and this is in fact a belated april fools joke, on us. We were sent an e-mail including a link to www.randomacessmemories.com as as source, which was a a link to an actual new Daft Punk website, which led us to believe the tour date image sent had been temporarily taken down. We typically are more reluctant to post something without 100% confirmation, but this is less then a week after we were sent the actual Lollapalooza leaked lineup, mixed with Daft Punk releasing a new album next month had our hopes up. We are implementing a more in depth fact check process moving forward to never let something like this ever happen again. Hope you all can forgive us for this  simple mistake, which has been corrected quickly. We are sorry to get anyone's hopes up. Ours were crushed just as hard.

Let's hope they will be indeed be touring year, which would make more sense then ever before in spirit of their new album Random Access Memories coming out next month.

The mysterious Daft Punk after releasing the official news on their 4th album Random Access Memories set to come out through Columbia Records on May 21st have now released a string of concert dates in support later this year in October as reported by an image sent to us. The message also included a link to the brand new Random Access Memories website, where the image was taken from. The dates will take place over October 13th – 26th and will hit 8 different cities including New york, Monetreal (Canada), Chicago, Houston, Austin, Las Vegas, San Francisco and Los Angeles. There are quite a few dates in between each of these leaving lots of room for other potential cities.

Justice and The Chemical Brothers are set to be joining the French duo for the length of the tour, very fitting.

Americans you finally have your chance to see the legendary electronic duo you have dreamed so much about. How could they possibly top their previous live setup which essentially paved the way for electronic live production.

More information on what venues and tickets will be posted as soon as we find out!

Source: Daft Punk / Random Access Memories