Daft Punk Tour 2013: Set to to Headline Coachella, 5 Europe Festival Dates, New Album

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Songkick just unintentionally announced the long awaited news of Daft Punk playing headlining performances at Coachella 2013.

The legendary Daft Punk has become the most talked about and rumored electronic act in the entire world. The rocked the world with their iconic L.E.D. pyramid setup they took on their 2007 Alive World Tour. A few years later they got recruited to create the soundtrack  for the blockbuster film Tron: Legacy taking the group to even bigger heights. Their hype has only grown every day since, with countless electronic fans hoping to get the chance to see the duo.

Well it now seems that all the rumors and waiting have possibly come an end. The concert monitoring service Songkick just sent those who follow Daft Punk the notie below letting them know that they will be appearing this year at Coachella, alongside The Rolling Stones, Phoenix, and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs I might add. This might be the moment that we have all been waiting for.

At first I grew skeptical as this wasn't from any Daft Punk source. But then they have also confirmed to be working on the new album with legendary Nile Rogers on a new album set to come out in 2013. These Coachella headline dates would align with the release of this new album early next year.

Another point leading us to believe the Coachella leak, is a just earlier this year their was a massive information leak from  world famous live muscian photographer Olver James L'eroe about DP playing the European festvial circuit (Danmark "Rosklide", Spain "Primavera Sound", Norway "Oyafestivalen" England "Glastonbury" and Sweden "Peace and Love"). The phographer has since gotten heat from the festival promoters, leading us to believe in it's truth. Below is a Facebook conversation with the photagrpher Oliver leaking the European news.

With European festival speculations, Coachella near confirmation, new album in works, and their website even wen under construction earlier last month. All of these things add up to really let us believe that 2013 is finally the return of Daft Punk.. maybe they will throw in that World Tour we have been hearing about for so long. We will keep you update as we learn more details. And remember to follow our Twitter for the latest news. Enjoy!

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