Daft Punk vs LMFAO vs DJ Chuckie – One More Time In Miami Bitch: Real Sick House Remix/Mashup


As I've said before, I'm not the biggest fan of straight mashups, I like it when they actually take two songs and completely smash them together. I really liked the AC/DC vs Katy Perry vs Timbaland mashup, and I think this one is of the same calibur. It's a mashup of Daft Punk's classic 'One More Time' and LMFAO and DJ Chuckie's collaboration'Let The Bass Kick In Miami Bitch' and makes a completely new sounding song, making a really fun sounding party house song. The Daft Punk and LMFAO vocals going back and forth works very well. This song is sick, case closed, turn it up and enjoy!

One More Time In Miami Bitch ( Pristine Blusters Mashup) – Daft Punk vs DJ Chuckie vs LMFAO | Download