Daft Punk vs TheFatRat – Do Harder Be Faster (Skinny Dip Mashup) : Hard Hitting Electro House


We have a hard hitting new track featuring some vocals that never get old. It's from TheFatRat, the mysterious electronic producer blending disco and some fierce electro house for a great combination For this one he features the vocals from Daft Punk's "Harder, Faster, Stronger", and it works great with filthy drops from the TheFatRat's song '"Do Be Do Be Do". This track is a 'Skinny Dip' mashup in spirit of our new monthly concert series 'The Skinny Dip' with the first phase May 11th in Denver featuring a performance from TheFatRat, and some other great acts. This guy has such good production, and could use some more Facbeook love, why not like him. Turn up this one, enjoy!

Also Early Bird tickets sold out quick for The Skinny Dip, now we have a limited amount of $10 tickets, now there are some $13 tickets to the event available here. More info here.

Daft Punk vs TheFatRat – Do Harder Be Faster (Skinny Dip Mashup) | Facebook 'Like' to Download

You have to "Facebook Like" him to get the download up until The Skinny Dip on May 11th

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