Rising Producer Daggz Flexes Cosmic Sound Design on Midtempo Bass Track “Progenitor”


Kick-off your new year with the latest fantastical midtempo track from up-and-coming producer Daggz. His new song “Progenitor” aims to enlighten us through an alluring vocal sample and otherworldly bass drops.

“Progenitor” isn’t your standard midtempo bass track though. Daggz’s cosmic inspired sound is simultaneously smooth and glitchy; the bass is hard but the melody is soft. Despite being filled with whirring synths and laser-like wubs and dubs, the song is built around the vocal sample that dominates throughout.

On his Instagram, he explained:

The dialogue featured here comes from a woman named Barbara Marciniak who claims to channel a race of beings from the Pleiadean star system. She speaks of our genesis, the influence of the Anunnaki (those from whom heaven to earth came) and our imminent collective awakening. This song and her message is about empowerment, wonder, fearlessness, unity, liberty, and eternity.

We definitely expect big things coming from Daggz—this fall he supported CloZee on one of her shows in upstate New York. Get yourself familiar with his work before he inevitably blows up. You can stream “Progenitor” using the link below. Enjoy!

DAGGZ – Progenitor