Daily Bread Is Electro-Soul’s Leading Man With New Album, ‘Invisible Cinema’

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Let there be no more doubt- 2023 is Daily Bread’s year. The Atlanta producer came out the gates hot starting the year with two impeccable singles and the start of his massive Invisible Cinema tour. Little did we know this tour was an ode to the silver bullet he had in store, Daily Bread’s brand-new album, Invisible Cinema. Announced just two weeks ago, this latest offering is thirteen tracks of highly quality electro-soul product. 

With a little help from some friends, DB goes down a technicolor rabbit hole of sound exploring tastes of gospel, riddim, hip-hop, and so much more under the ever-captivating umbrella of electro-soul. The genre has seen a very healthy revival in the last few years and it’s works like this that satiate the desires of long-time loyalists and create new fans alike.

No matter which way you flip it, Daily Bread is on one this year. There’s no telling what else he might have up his sleeve with nine months left but you know we’ll be here to report it if he does. Stream Daily Bread’s new album, Invisible Cinema, below and enjoy!

Daily Bread – Invisible Cinema