Rising Hip-Hop Duo Darci Impress On Nocturnal Hip-Hop / R&B Single “These Nights”


Darci is back at it with another gem perfect for nighttime listening. The mysterious hip-hop duo has been steadily making waves and impresses us once again on their new track “These Nights.”

We’ve been excited for each of their new tracks as they’ve been kind enough to link up with us on premieres of their past releases “Life” and “Seeing Colors” with this new one following suit of being a must hear new single. They recently shared a little more info about themselves, revealing they are in fact a vocalist & producer duo, but everything else about this rising act remains a mystery.

There’s something about their hybrid sound that we just can’t get enough of. They capture a nocturnal vibe with each of their songs as their production blends the lines between hip-hop, R&B and electronic while the catchy vocals are somewhere between rapping and singing. The skittering hi-hats and rolling synths lay the foundation for the infectious vocals to float buoyantly atop. Stay tuned for more from this quickly rising duo and enjoy!

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