Darius & Wayne Snow Collaborate for Moving Neo-Soul Record “APOLOGY”


Familiar collaborators, French producer Darius and Nigerian artist Wayne Snow, have released the B-side of their EQUILIBRIUM collaboration. Compared to the uptempo title track “EQUILIBRIUM,” “APOLOGY” takes a more measured and soulful approach behind stellar vocals from Wayne Snow and a backing gospel choir.

Slowly built up from a low-lying bassline and sparse percussion, Darius’ signature atmospheric synths accompany Snow’s impassioned singing. Culminating in a crescendo of layered vocals, the track empties out, leaving way for some delicate piano riffs that lay between the choir of voices that slowly build the track back up. It’s a beautiful and expressive display of harmony that symbolizes the unity the song appeals for. “APOLOGY” calls for forgiveness in a mistaken world, putting past issues behind us to create a brighter future amidst dark times.

“APOLOGY” is out now via Roche Musique, be sure to check it out along with the A-side “EQUILIBRIUM” in the link below. Enjoy!

Darius & Wayne Snow – APOLOGY