dead motel Crafts Emotive New Single “Back to You”


Describing his sound as a “blend of lush nostalgia and dreamy soundscapes,” artist and producer, dead motel, finds himself at the intersection of pop and dance as he grows his truly beautiful catalog of music. Today, dead motel debuts on TSIS with his newest single, “Back to You.”

Entrancing synths and atmospheric vocal chants characterize the chill vibes dead motel sets for “Back To You.” An emotive journey discussing topics of love and loss, the single cycles through waves of crescendoing instrumentation, as dead motel’s own vocals lead the path to its conclusion. dead motel showcases his dynamic range, perfectly executing intimate verses and flawlessly shifting to falsetto choruses on the other end of the spectrum.

dead motel commented on his new release, saying:

Back to you. Coming back to yourself after falling so far off your path you were incapable of empathy, incapable of listening, incapable of love. There was a time in my life I really thought I wouldn’t survive, and I never knew I’d come back to myself, the person I knew and loved in my heart. Sometimes when I hear this song I feel it differently, darker.. that scared, sick, and insecure person is still inside of me, always lurking, always waiting.. waiting to come back. I think what we want has always been there. We just need to get out of our own way.

You can stream “Back to You” at the link below. Enjoy!

dead motel – Back to You