Deadcrow & REMNANT.exe Bring Massive Rave Energy To New Track “REIGN”

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It is always a pleasure when we are able to highlight the newest, most cutting-edge music in the scene. Recently, the rising genre of wave has been put on the map and quickly growing to acclaim. Today, two of the most prominent figures bringing wave music to audiences, Deadcrow and REMNANT.exe, team up on an explosive single, “REIGN.

“REIGN” embodies the highest-energy, main-stage rave vibes. Locked and loaded with buzzing synths and punchy kicks, the two producers perfectly combine their talents into one monumental banger. The track features two vastly different drops- one in half-time, and the other, double-time. As if the sound design wasn’t already enough to hype up a crowd, this shift in pace most certainly will.

You can stream “REIGN” at the link below, out everywhere via DEKTORA. Enjoy!

Deadcrow & REMNANT.exe – REIGN