Watch deadmau5 Tease Almost 40 Minutes Of Unreleased Music From New Orchestral Project


Today we got another glimpse into deadmau5’s mysterious upcoming project that seems to take his music in a whole new direction. Over the past few weeks Joel Zimmerman has cryptically teased what he’s called “seriously, the most epic thing I've ever done with my music”, only letting slip one hint: that it involves “an actual 60 piece orchestra”. Initially, fans believed that the new project might be related to the orchestral rendition of “Strobe” that deadmau5 teased a few weeks ago, but Joel quickly shot down that theory while leaving open the possibility that he was scoring a film.

Now in a video captured from his Twitch stream, deadmau5 dropped nearly 40 straight minutes of original orchestral music. The composition is unlike anything we’ve ever heard from deadmau5, with swelling, emotional crescendos and quiet, intricate breakdowns that would completely fit in a film score. Longtime deamau5 fans may notice that Joel has always been a fan of drawn out, atmospheric build-ups in his music, and this style translates perfectly into the classical suite.

We’re extremely excited for whatever this project turns out to be. Check out the 38-minute video below and enjoy!