deadmau5 Gives 30 Minute Motivational Rant To Aspiring Producers


deadmau5 is no stranger to public fights, whether he's instigating them or playfully chiming in to kill time. Past Twitter targets of his includes Skrillex, Diplo, Kanye West and many more. On the flip side, he's also known for hosting live streams on Twitch and his website while working on new music or conducting Q&As with his fans.

Recently, a 30-minute clip of one of his old live streams surfaced online. The video dates back to April 2015, according to the YouTube channel owner who uploaded the video. He goes on a rant talking about his rise, in addition to giving advice to aspiring producers and artists. "You need to do a lot of f***ing groundwork," he says.

He also emphasizes that keeping things old school may be the best way to get your music out there and develop relationships with key people in the music industry. Here's his candid story about he met Skrillex and came across his Scary Monsters & Nice Sprits EP which was later released on deadmau5's imprint, mau5trap recordings. 

"He [Sonny] came to an event that me and Tommy [Lee] crashed, some random f***ing HARD party in LA…and we're all sitting backstage and then Tommy said, "Oh hey, you gotta meet this kid Sonny. He makes music." And then Sonny came in and he delivered me the fucking Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites on a f***ing USB key. And I was like, "Oh cool". And I'm more likely to take that piece of hardware and make that physical connection…that was a personal connection. And then I took that back and milled over it for a while and now…f***ing Skrillex! Took him on tour for a while. Intro'd him out. Shared what I thought was cool at the time. And then all of the sudden, the kid's running f***ing laps around me."

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