deadmau5 – New Single and Album Artwork: “> album title goes here

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deadmau5, one of the most watched electronic music figures in the world has just announced his latest album > album title goes here< which is due out September 25th. He's been touring all over the world and then locked himself in to make what he views as his best work yet. We've gotten a sample of "Where's My Coffee", which is a nice melodic track, reminding me of his also recent The Veldt. Accompanying this track we also have vocal edit of the track from Millertime featuring some vocals from Eva Simmons giving it the perfect addition. Enjoy!

deadmau5 new album "> album title goes here<" is coming out September 25th.

deadmau5  - There Might Be Coffe (MILLERTIME Edit Ft. Eva Simons) | Direct Download

deadmau5 – There Might Be Coffee (Original Mix) | Direct Download