deadmau5 Reunites With Steve Duda To Resurrect ‘BSOD’ Project From 2006, Drops New EP

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deadmau5 just relit are a 14-year-old flame. Back in 2005, the mau5trap boss had a musical project with Steve Duda called BSOD. Its rumored to stand for “Blue Screen Of Death” or “Better Sounding On Drugs,” but nobody knows that for sure besides the two that make up the project. According to a press release, the project started out as a joke over a decade ago, but today we see both deadmau5 and Steve Duda coming back as BSOD to drop a new EP.

The title of the new project, referencing a legendary, mid-2000’s meme, is called No Way, Get Real. It’s four tracks deep, and acts as a time capsule back to a different time in the electronic music world. They’re not just out here for nostalgia’s sake though, these four new tunes are actually breathing new life into our playlists. Although the sound design here may sound like a blast from the past, they hit just as hard as anything else we’re hearing today. The tracks also flawlessly mix into one another while listening.

Check out the return of BSOD below with their brand new No Way, Get Real EP. Enjoy!

BSOD – No Way, Get Real EP