Watch Deadmau5 Tease Epic Orchestra Rendition Of Classic Track “Strobe”


One of the most iconic songs in electronic music received an epic orchestral remake. During a recent Twitch stream, Deadmau5 treated us to a teaser of an orchestral version of his magnum opus, “Strobe.” When asked about a Deadmau5 feature film score, Joel Zimmerman responded by playing a sample of the new mix, raising speculation that it may be used as the score for a future film. 

The orchestral version of “Strobe” is performed by a live strings ensemble, which gives it an entirely new vibe. The strings swell and build in intensity as the song progresses, recreating the nostalgic melodies and harmonies from the original. Just as soon as the energy is brought to its peak, however, the track cuts off, leaving us wanting more. What Deadmau5 has planned for this remains a mystery as he tells us “Yep that’s all you get…I’m not explaining shit. You guys don’t pay me enough.” Stay tuned for more information, check out the video below, and enjoy!

Deadmau5 – Strobe Orchestral Version