Take Video Tour Of Deadmau5’s Epic Studio


From his intricate live setup, consisting of his Cube 2.1 and signature LED mau5 helmet, to live streams and MasterClass tutorials, Joel Zimmerman aka Deadmau5 is undoubtedly a tech-head. If there were any more reasoning needed, Linus Sebastian has taken us on a tour of Deadmau5 house/studio and solidified him as a tech guru. Linus Tech Tips gives us the lowdown on this video, reminiscent of an episode of MTV Cribs. 

Linus starts us off in Deadmau5’s “master bedroom,” which is actually a Dolby Atmos mix studio, under construction for three years and counting. He has an A-100 Analog Modular System and over a dozen synthesizers, many with their own unique stories. For instance, his JUNO-106, which is normally over $1,500, was bought for $20 at a pawn shop. Additionally, his JUPITER-8 and prophet-10 are nearly impossible to come by nowadays since many of their parts are no longer made. He even has the original ARP 2600 synthesizer used for R2D2’s voice in the Star Wars movies. Linus tells us, “This one that folds up in a briefcase right here…This is R2D2. I don’t mean this is the same model that was R2D2. This was R2D2. It still works!” 

Deadmau5’s basement doubles as a “LAN Center,” consisting of five PCs, custom-built to match each of his cars; he uses these for both gaming and rendering graphics for his live shows. He and his team have developed custom software used to sync audio and visual effects, which they prepare in the studio using a giant touch screen and then bring with them on tour to run the show. This is just a glimpse of Deadmau5’s epic studio, and Linus goes into more technical detail in the video. Check it out for yourself below and enjoy!

Exposing Deadmau5's Studio