Deadmau5 previews more incredible Unreleased songs “petspetspetspetspetspetspetspetsPETSpets” and “Sparrows Made Of Lead” and more


Deadmau5 has been releasing more previews via soundcloud of unreleased and sometimes in progress songs from his new album, and now finally get to hear 3 tracks that sound like potential album songs. The first and newest track he just dropped less then 4 hours ago "petspetspetspetspetspetspetspetsPETSpets" sounds like a rebirth to his insanely melodic anthem"Strobe" filled with mesmerizing synths. Next up we have "Sparrows Made Of Lead", which is an 8 minute cinematic journey that reminding me of some more old school Deadmau5 with his song "Sometimes Things Get Complicated". Then we get "Errors In My Head" which is another great track which Deadmau5 has temporarily included the vocals from his remix to Kaskad "I Remember". Overall it seems like Deadmau5 is moving to some of his older roots, and I couldn't be any more supportive. These are easily some of my favorite tracks I have heard him make in quite some time. Listen below and we will keep you posted on news on anything to do with release. Enjoy. 

Deadmau5 - petspetspetspetspetspetspetspetsPETSpets

Deadmau5 – Sparrows Made Of Lead

Deadmau5 – Errors In My Head