Delamare & Ivy-Jane Brown Aren’t “Wasting Time” On Bubbly Future Pop Single


San Francisco’s Delamare has been making waves in the indie dance music scene for years now with dozens of remixes for artists like Mazde, Louis the Child, Imad Royal, and Hotel Garuda. The rising producer has quite the knack for coming up with melodies that become earworms and his latest single, “Wasting Time,” is a testament that he can translate his remix abilities over to his original music.

The new track is a warm and bubbly future pop single that features the cool vocal stylings of Sydney-based singer-songwriter Ivy-Jane Browne. The song is filled with a grooving arpeggiator, a 2-step inspired drum rhythm and Ivy’s lullaby singing and lyricism. Delamare straddles the line between uplifting and groovy so well that it’ll have you both smiling and dancing in no time.

If this is where the future of pop is headed then we’re excited for what the future has in store for us. Stream Delamare’s new track “Wasting Time” below and enjoy!

Delamare – Wasting Time (feat. Ivy-Jane Brown)