PREMIERE | Demarkus Lewis Spins A Vintage Groove In New House Bop “About U”

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Demarkus Lewis has been a mainstay in the American house music scene since the end of the 90’s. With a library of music spanning the course of two decades, The Grin Music label boss has finely crafted his vintage house sound that will capture the ears traditionalists and new schoolers alike. It’s an honor to have Lewis on site for his TSIS debut with the premiere of his new track, “About U,” coming to us via Eyedyllic Music.

This new offering is calling to all you house heads out there. The skipping four-on-the-floor kit, the hypnotically gentle synth swells, the bouncy bass, the subtle nuanced addition of the trumpet and violins these clean cut pieces come together to form an effortlessly smooth uplifting vibe capped of with an impassioned vocal cut. I’m on cloud 9 listening to this right now.

If you’re like me and love that lightweight yet driven energy more prevalent in OG house music, this is the track for you. If anyone needs to reach me, I’ll be rinsing this through my headphones for the foreseeable future. Stream Demarkus Lewis’ new bop, “About U” below. Enjoy!

Demarkus Lewis – About U | Preorder