Dennis Llyod’s Gritty Yet Catchy Single “GFY” Gets Stunning Video

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Dennis Lloyd has an irresistible sound we just can’t get enough of. His one-of-kind vocals and infectious songwriting have made him responsible for undeniable hits like “Nevermind” and “Never Go Back.” Now the Israeli artist is back with a video for his Exident EP single “GFY” that’s a strong follow-up to his recent platinum records.

“Following the break up with my ex-girlfriend, I was depressed,” Lloyd explains. “I had recorded one song in particular about how I was feeling called ‘GFY’ but felt something was missing with it. Browsing YouTube I came across a TED Talk by Dr. Gary Lewandowski about relationships. I pressed play and I started to cry from what I heard. His words deeply resonated with me and I knew this was the missing piece of the song. Crazy enough, the monologue fit perfectly within the song. Since releasing ‘GFY,’ tons of people are tagging me using this monologue as their Instagram captions, tweets etc. Seems like it’s connecting with others, the same way it did for me.” – Dennis Lloyd

Lloyd is a singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist that has a knack for making relatable songs that get stuck in my head for days at a time. His recent song “GFY” puts that ability on full display and has just been given the video treatment to bring the song’s story to life. The Omri Rozenblum-directed video picks up the narrative where the “Never Go Back” video left off. Check it out below and enjoy!

Dennis Lloyd – GFY