Denver Bass Artist MIrTyme Hypnotizes Listeners on ‘Destined For Greatness, Pt. 1’ EP


Back in December, Colorado artist MIrTyme dropped a trippy tune in partnership with Lucid Vision and Mass Relay. Today he follows up that up with the release of his new EP, Destined for Greatness, Pt. 1.

We’ve come to associate MIrTyme with the downtempo bass music that scratches your brain just right. This new EP dives head first into this sonic territory, reaching new melodic heights. There’s something sentimental about MIrTyme’s sound, which he acknowledges on the evocative, aptly titled track “Nostalgia.” It feels familiar and comforting but nonetheless deeply impressive with its richly-textured sound design. Our favorite track from this EP is “Stopping Time (Moonlight Sonata).”  Rife with intense, slow-burning synth lines, MIrTyme offers an innovative new take on the classic Beethoven song.

Intended as a two-part series, MIrTyme promises that the next EP will be a “more dark and heavy style of bass.” In the meantime, we recommend you check out the first edition in all its melodic bass glory below. Enjoy!

MlrTyme – Destined For Greatness, Pt. 1 EP