Denver’s ‘Acoma St. Project’ Safely Offers A Unique Blend Of Open-Air Live Music & Art

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There’s a new concept event in Denver called the Acoma St. Project, and it’s setting a shining example of adaptation in the music industry. With Denver’s nightlife seeing strict restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Acoma St. Project, gives attendees a serving of all the things we are sorely missing right now.

Each week, for the next six weeks, DJs from around the world will be exclusively broadcasted to a festival-quality, 26-foot LED screen, which you can easily see from your table. The audio is connected to high-quality silent disco headphones that you get upon arrival. This opening weekend features Claude VonStroke, Desert Dwellers, and Josh Butler.

At scheduled points during the evening, you’ll be able to explore a 5,000 square foot art walk gallery. We got to check that out for ourselves in person, and it’s the real deal, featuring Denver-based art scene leaders. Android Jones is also there, performing his live, MICRODOSE VR visuals.

Safety and social distancing are the top priority for these events. This is how they describe how their event safely operates:

In accordance with local regulations … The Acoma Street Project will operate in strict accordance with a multipart health and safety plan. With masks and social distancing required, 4 person parties will be escorted to their reserved and isolated platform where they will be able to order food and drink in a VIP hospitality environment. Attendees will be escorted through the art-walk in separate and staggered groups before they return to their private area to enjoy dinner and musical performances. Contactless payment methods and hand sanitizer will be available throughout the venue and encouraged, with trained staff stationed throughout to remind attendees of the guidelines.

Above all, this carefully crafted project creates a sense of community that we’ve been craving over the past few months. With strict safety guidelines and staff to enforce them, you’re able to focus on having a fun night out without getting to wound up with coronavirus worries. The venue itself is open-air, and is actually set up in the large parking lot of two of Denver’s beloved (and currently closed) venues, Bar Standard and Milk Bar.

This one is definitely worth checking out if you’re in the Denver area. Check out more information here, including ticket sales, here.