Denzel Curry & Charlie Heat Return With Aggressive New Banger “Aloha”

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Denzel Curry is undoubtedly one of our favorite rappers in the game right now, and Charlie Heat is definitely among the highest-caliber producers in hip-hop (he’s made records for Kanye West, Travis Scott, Pusha T, and Madonna). The two came together last year for one of Denzel Curry’s hardest hitting tracks, “SUMO,” and now the duo has teamed up once more on a brand new single, “Aloha.”

“Aloha” is in the same vein as Denzel and Charlie’s last collaboration. Denzel once again focuses on an aggressive flow and delivery, while Charlie constructs explosive kick drums and bass that will turn any crowd into a mosh pit. It’s clear that when these two come together, they have one goal: make an undeniable banger.

Stream the brand new heater below and enjoy!

Denzel Curry & Charlie Heat – Aloha