Denzel Curry Drops Electric New Album ‘ZUU’

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Less than a year after releasing the critically-acclaimed album TA13OO, Denzel Curry is back with a brand-new project full of summer heat entitled ZUU. The concise album clocks in under thirty minutes, and features some of the best songs of his career including the singles “RICKY” and “SPEEDBOAT.”

While his last album featured a number of high-profile artists, ZUU showcases some up-and-coming rappers from South Florida, in addition to Rick Ross. Denzel returns to his roots on this album with clear influences from Three 6 Mafia and interpolations of legends like 2 Live Crew. In an interview he stated that he did not write any lyrics down for these songs and just “went from mind to mic.” That fact comes through to the listener, as it sounds like he’s just having fun with his friends while adding in some comical skits – but he retains the impressive flows, vocal range, and versatility that he is known for. The album ends on a very high note, with the South Florida rapper bringing his high energy from “PERCS” and “SUMO” over a distorted Ronny J beat.

Denzel Curry is opening for Billie Eilish and $uicideboy$ on their respective tours this summer, and we absolutely cannot wait to hear these new tracks live. Enjoy! 

Denzel Curry – ZUU