Denzel Curry Returns with Fiery New Single “The Game”


Over the past couple years, Denzel Curry went from releasing a flurry of projects to taking a bit of a step back. Today the Florida raised rapper returns after over a year between releases to drop “The Game.” This new one comes as a part of the Madden NFL ’22 soundtrack.

This one has an absolutely massive west coast inspired bass line that will shake your soul if you bump “The Game” on a proper sound system. Denzel delivers his signature, super-dynamic flow on this track. His performance is top-notch as usual, and makes us wonder how he just continuously seems to get better and better with each release.

Near the end of this track, Denzel criticizes the petty rap beefs which seem to put artists down instead of lifting each other up. He calls out both Megan Thee Stallion and Noname, but at the end of the track insists that this isn’t a diss track, he’s just speaking the truth.

You can stream Denzel Curry’s new track below. Enjoy!

Denzel Curry – The Game