[PREMIERE] Destructo Drops Amazing Sinister New House Single “Bassface”


Gary Richards may be the busiest man in dance music. Any big fan of electronic music knows HARD Events and the over-the-top experiences he was able to create as CEO. HARD Summer, Day of the Dead, and Holy Ship!, are just a few of the many events he threw down, all the while maintaining a prolific DJ career as Destructo and has become the president of LiveStyle North America. He hadn’t posted any of his own music since his controversial split with LiveNation, but with this newest release, “Bassface”, Destructo shows us where his focus currently is: the music.

The concept behind “Bassface” is simple and concise. If you’re looking for a sinister, rolling bassline, Destructo serves it up right on a platter. No tricks here. By the time you’ve cooled off from the first drop, he brings it right back around for round two. This track serves one purpose and one purpose only, getting the dancefloor hot and sweaty. If you’re ready to dive in and get moving, get your first listen right here, below. Enjoy!

Destructo – Bassface