Destructo Shares Catchy New G-House Single “Loaded” Featuring Yo Gotti


Destructo (aka Gary Richards) is showing everyone that he is staying busy in the studio with new music! Just a few weeks ago we premiered one of his most deadly tracks to date, “Bassface”, which has already racked up more than 126,000 plays on SoundCloud alone. Destructo is, of course, one of the most influential pioneers of G-house, a genre that aims to blend both elements of hip-hop and deep house, with an intense focus on the bassline (not so different from G-funk). 

Today, Destructo drops his brand new track “Loaded” featuring Memphis rapper Yo Gotti. It’s clear that he is back within his G-house element on this one. “Loaded” starts off with an undeniably catchy bassline behind some dynamic kick drums, the two most essential components of a G-house track. Once the groove of the track is established, Yo Gotti comes in with some raspy verses that keeps the track fresh for the full five minutes. 

Could Destructo be gearing up for another EP? Within the past few years, Gary has only released a couple of singles, and none of them featured vocalists of any kind. We’re quickly approaching a new year, and we wouldn’t be surprised if “Loaded” becomes part of an EP, or even an album for 2018. For now, we’re just going to enjoy the jam for what it is, a certified G-house banger. Enjoy!

Destructo – Loaded (Ft. Yo Gotti)