Watch Zombie Dillon Francis Eat People In New Music Video For “All That”

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Dillon Francis is no stranger to the screen or the world of comedy, when he isn’t producing bangers about Dolphins and Butter, he is often poking fun at one thing or another with a camera close by. Well recently Dillon has shifted his acting focus from Donuts to Zombies appearing in the upcoming “zom-Com” film “A scouts Guide to the Zombie Apacolypse”. On top of appearing in the film Dillon has taken full advantage of his zombie make up with a campaign of hilarious social media posts, dubbing his zombie character appropriately as "Dead Dillon." Today we see his campaign come to a climax with his latest official music video for his Money Sucks, Friends Rule single "All That" Ft. Twista, The Rej3ctz, and now his new moniker Dead Dillon.  

The Video Features a Dead Dillon joined by rappers Twista & The Rej3ctz as they find them selves on a quintessential music video set filled with beautiful women, lights, cameras, the works. While shooting the video "Dead Dillon" looses control of his inner zombie and bites one of the models on set, leading to a hilarious scene of zombie chaos perfect for a Halloweek music video. Watch for yourself below. Enjoy.

Dillon Francis – All That ft. Twista, The Rej3ctz (Music Video) | iTunes