Dillon Francis – Candy (ft. Snappy Jit) : Trap / Moombahton


Dillon Francis fans are in for quite the summer treat. The producer's newest release, "Candy," meshes twerk, trap and moombahton into one booty-shaking anthem. The production is primarily conducted by firm brass chords, but are nicely countered by the spunky pitched-up vocals of Snappy Jit which add that extra bit of zest and sexual flair to the tune.

The "Candy" music video is really icing on the cake and features Francis' pet piñata, Gerald, along with its diverse group of dancing friends from around the world. Prior to the video's release, Francis put up a "Gerald Piñata Bundle" on his merchandise store. The bundle sold out in less than 24 hours. See below for the description of the product:

"This is Gerald. He's an actual piñata and we've loaded him up with real candy, toys, mystery goodies, and a one-time-only limited edition t-shirt. There are only 50 of these being made available so if you like donkeys, candy, shirts, toys or all of the above grab one now before he rides off into the sunset." Better luck next time, folks.

Anyway, be sure to stream Dillon Francis' brand new tune, "Candy," out on Columbia Records.