Dillon Francis Goes Even Deeper As DJ Hanzel In ‘One Deeper – 002’

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Dillon Francis is one of the most entertaining producers in the game. While he’s become famous for his outrageous antics in the studio, at home, and on social media, arguably the most entertaining is his German house producer alter-ego, DJ Hanzel.  No one goes deeper than DJ Hanzel, and while he’s loved by Dillon fans around the world, his appearances are few and far between. 

Three weeks ago, Hanzel emerged from the shadows for a livestream, taking fans deeper and deeper in a livestream, One Deeper 001,’ that racked up over 70,000 views and even trended on twitter. It was such a huge success that on Friday, Hanzel came out for round two. In ‘One Deeper 002,’ DJ Hanzel unsurprisingly found a way to take fans EVEN DEEPER, featuring deep cuts and remixes of his own library, as well as some of house music’s deepest divers like Chris Lake, Dom Dolla, Walker & Royce and Noizu. This hour long mix is exactly what the doctor ordered for house heads everywhere in the midst of this quarantine. Stream DJ Hanzel’s deepest mix to date, ‘One Deeper Ep. 002’ below. Enjoy!

DJ Hanzel – One Deeper – 002