Dillon Francis – This Mixtape Is Fire : Huge EP Feat. Skrillex, Kygo, Bro Safari, Calvin Harris & Chromeo


Dillon Francis has been teasing everonye around his clerverly titled new EP This Mixtape Is Fire. Now we get our hands errr ears on this 6 track release. He managed to bring out quite an epic cast of collaboratiosn and features for this release including Skrillex, Kygo & James Hersey, Calvin Harris, Chromeo, Bro Safari. 

The release is very DJ focused with all the songs easily becoming the hottest DJ tools aside from the collaboration with Kygo and singer James Hersey on "Coming Over". This is the same song that was leaked by Kygo at Coachella earlier this year. 

Listen to the entire This Mixatpe Is Fire EP in full below and pick up your copy through iTunes. Enjoy!

Dillon Francis – This Mixtape Is Fire | iTunes