Dillon Francis Revisits His Roots on ‘This Mixtape is Fire TOO’

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Dillon Francis first broke into the scene in 2015, releasing his debut album Money Sucks, Friends Rule and beloved mixtape This Mixtape is Fire. He’s since become one of the biggest names in dance music, always staying true to the charismatic persona that got him here. This past weekend, he decided to revisit his mixtape series, releasing his latest album This Mixtape is Fire TOO.

This Mixtape is Fire TOO is a familiar sounding blast from the past while still pushing the boundaries of dance music. As expected, Dillon Francis doesn’t adhere to any one genre either. Everything from trap, techno, moombahton, house, pop, melodic dubstep, and more make their way onto the project one way or another.

Also staying true to the ethos of the mixtape series, the album features an epic list of collaborators, including Eptic, IDK, Maesic, WILL K, REI AMI, Marten Hørger, TV Noise, Arden Jones, Knock2, Alesso, Clementine Douglas, Good Times Ahead, INJI, Illenium, and Evan Giia.

Stream the full album below and enjoy!

Dillon Francis – This Mixtape is Fire TOO