Dillon Francis Debuts First Track “VEN” Off Upcoming Latin Inspired Album


It was only a month ago that Dillon Francis confirmed that he had a new album coming out in 2018, and we’re already starting to get hints at how massive it’s going to be. This morning, Dillon took to social media to share a video of one of his recent shows, where he debuted a peak at one of the upcoming tracks off the album. 

VEN OUT NOW @ArcangelPrrra @quimicoumrap pic.twitter.com/p9k03aNGAG

— Dillon Francis (@DILLONFRANCIS) January 24, 2018


Just by the looks of it, “VEN”, which features Arcangel and Quimico Ultra Mega, is a certified heater. Shortly after sharing the video, Dillon Francis tweeted out the official Spotify link to the full track. Already from the first listen, we’re hooked, and officially aboard the hype train towards Dillon’s new album.

It also seems as though the rumors were true. Dillon Francis has indeed been spending the last year and half working on a Latin-inspired album. After officially releasing the track, Dillon sent out a note explaining that he has been working with Toy Selectah to source vocals for the new album. The two then went to work with artists in New York, Miami, Dominican Republic, and Mexico City and “it was some of the most incredible experiences ever,” Dillon says. 

“VEN” features classic, D-Francis wonky synth stabs, and deep, hard-hitting bass. If the rest of the album is sounding like this, we’re really in for it. Enjoy!

Dillon Francis – Ven