Diplo Gives Behind The Scenes Look Into His Rise In Mini-Documentary “Florida to California”


Diplo is one of the most interesting men on the planet. The highly successful artist has been at the forefront of music for years, and now he’s delivered a mini documentary "Florida to California" looking back at personal story. He traces back to his roots with his first project Florida up until his most recent project California and how he got here.

“I don’t think I could have made a feature record back when I made Florida with rappers on it” Diplo says “there was this open-minded feeling in hip-hop yet that you have right now where anything’s possible… they Aren’t constricted to the genre anymore like they used to be” – Diplo

He talks about his roots as a producer and his story moving to LA because of the opportunities there. He speaks about his versatile history producing for punk band, bruno mars, pop music, hip-hop and everything in between. The video shows some amazing footage of his incredible adventures and collaborations over the years truly highlighting the massive impact he’s had on music. Enjoy!

Diplo – Florida To California