Diplo ft . Jahan Lennon – About That Life : Indie / Acid / Hippy Single


Diplo never will stop surpising me.. after dropping moombahton and trap and jungle bass heavy BANGERS on the regular, he completely goes outside the box and makes an indie / hippie / folk track, showing that he could care less about genres. He teams up with singer Jahan Lennon of past Mad Decent signed group Popo to create a chilled out  an indie / acid anthem that as he calls it "hippystep". Regardless of what it is, it's catchy, and it will have you replaying it. Some artists say they are diverse.. Diplo defines the word. Enjoy!

Diplo ft. Jahan Lennon – About That Life | Direct Download

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…he's one of the more hysterica people on it. sayings things like "I'm recording my entire new solo abum in the parking lot behind olive garden to give it that special texture and emotion"