Diplo Unveils New Super Duo ‘Silk City’ With “Uptown Funk” Producer Mark Ronson


It’s a been a big 24 hours for US Festival-goers. After much patience and anticipation, two of the US’s biggest music festivals, Coachella and Governors Ball, announced their complete lineups for their festivals in the Spring. Potential festival-goers may have spotted something special that they’ve never seen before when looking over the Governors Ball lineup: Silk City (Diplo + Mark Ronson).

We all know Diplo of course, but if the name Mark Ronson looks unfamiliar to you, he’s most famous for producing the massive hit “Uptown Funk”, which featured Bruno Mars on vocals. Ronson has been a prolific pop-music producer for quite some time now. In fact, the same album that featured “Uptown Funk” also featured huge vocalists like Stevie Wonder and Miike Snow’s Andrew Wyatt among others. 

Diplo noted in an interview with GQ magazine back in August that he and Mark Ronson were actually close friends. He went on to say that he and Mark were planning on doing a collab album similar to the way he did Jack U with Skrillex. “Me and Mark are trying to do something with disco music,” he says. 

It seems as though this disco project is about to see the light of day once June eventually comes around for Governors Ball. Diplo has performed as himself, a part of Major Lazer, and a part of Jack U, but all of these have been performances as a DJ. With his name attached to Mark Ronson, we can only speculate what kind of act it will turn out to be. We would certainly be surprised, however, if they go up there for a simple b2b DJ set.