Dirtybird Releases Their Annual BBQ Compilation Full Of Wild Tech-House Bangers


Dirtybird’s first of three summertime BBQ events kicks off tomorrow in Austin, Texas, and, right on schedule, the Dirtybird crew has delivered another fiery BBQ compilation titled Filthy Flavors.

From front to back, this brand new compilation bumps. Filthy Flavors is chock full of eccentric, bassy, tech-house bangers that Dirtybird is famous for. As per usual, they’ve also put out music from a bunch of new artists who are making their Dirtybird debut, as well as some producers who’ve been around for a minute.

House music is getting more popular in the states every day, but Dirtybird remains the premiere label for wild, out-of-the-box tracks that you might not find anywhere else. Claude VonStroke and his gang have held that title for a while, and Filthy Flavors further cements their current standing within their ever-growing subgenre.

Take a listen to the full compilation below, which features tracks by Mikey Lion, Sacha Robotti, Bess Maze, Ed Lee, Josh Brown, and plenty more. Enjoy! 

Dirtybird BBQ: Filthy Flavors