Disco Lines & ayokay Join Forces On Summertime Bop “I Got You”


Today, we have the pleasure of witnessing a brand new collaboration from two wonderful producers. After recently announcing his Good Good Tour set to kick off in October, Disco Lines joins forces with ayokay on fresh summertime bop, “I Got You.

Delightful vocals float over a dreamy instrumental on “I Got You,” bringing all of the feel-good summertime vibes to our speakers. Disco Lines’s tasty beats and ayokay’s pop-infused melodies make for the perfect matchup, giving “I Got You” both radio and dance-floor potential. Although Disco Lines previously remixed one of ayokay’s tracks, this is the first official collaboration from the duo – one we hope to see more of in the future.

ayokay shared his thoughts on the new collaboration, adding:

‘I Got You’ combines an easy going summertime vocal with an easy going summertime beat. The warm and groovy synths lay the grounding for the catchy and repeatable vocals to do their thing and get people moving on the dance floor. Disco Lines pushed the tempo and pace of an otherwise laid back demo I sent him over the Internet. As we went back and forth sending each other our sessions and stems, we got the song to a place where it embodies a bit of both of what we do love and what we do best. I’ve had the best time working on this collab with Thad and am so stoked for everyone to finally hear it.

You can stream “I Got You” at the link below, out everywhere via Good Good Records. Enjoy!

Disco Lines & ayokay – I Got You