DJ Snake Shares Mini Doc of History-Making 60,000-Cap Show

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Last week we shared some fan footage from DJ Snake‘s epic sold-out performance at the Parc des Princes that gave a sneak peek into this history-making show. Just a few days later the French artist surprised fans with a mini-doc full of exclusive footage from his monumental production and shared an inside look at the creation of his Parc des Princes show.

The set was packed with flames, fireworks, and guest artists including David Guetta, Stromae, and Omar Sy. DJ Snake, otherwise known as William Grigahcine, also took time to express his pride in the accomplishment of playing in a stadium where he used to watch soccer games:

My whole life I was told it was impossible, that I couldn’t do it. I was told the same for Parc des Princes. I was told, ‘You know what William? You should do two shows at Bercy, three shows at Bercy, don’t do Parc des Princes. It’s too big for you.’ I was even told to do it in 2023, or 2024. They said ‘Give yourself time, we are just getting out of a pandemic.’ I told them I don’t give a sh*t, we’re doing it NOW. Thanks to you, we did it, together.

We’re so jealous of fans who got to witness this performance in person! We’ll be watching the Parc des Princes Aftermovie at the link below, and you can too. Enjoy!