DKOHH Makes Impressive Debut on Feel Good Indie Single “Summer In Chicago”


It’s always fun discovering an emerging artist at the beginning of their young career. DKOHH is a 20 year old singer-songwriter from LA ready to make his impression on the music world. Drawing influence from a wide range of artists from Frank Sinatra to Drake, his unique style has an old soul with a modern feel. His debut single “Summer In Chicago” is a tribute to his second home and had us grooving from the start.

“Summer In Chicago” starts out with a gentle indie pop production but shortly thereafter evolves into a more soulful alternative r&b production. The lighthearted single is filled with feel good beats and colorful melodies. DKOHH has that unique ability to instill some uplifting energy into his music that we could all stand to use more of these days.

Stream DKOHH’s debut single below and enjoy!

DKOHH – Summer In Chicago