Donald Glover Shares 6 Mysterious Videos For His Upcoming TV Show ‘Atlanta’


Donald Glover has a busy month ahead of himself. Not only is he set to debut his Childish Gambino album with a "full album experience" (over three "Pharos Earth" shows in Joshua Tree from Sept. 2-4), but his new FX TV show Atlanta is set to kick off on Sept. 6.

The multi-faceted figure naturally writes, stars in and is the executive producer of the series. The show follows Glover's character, Earnest "Earns" Marks, and his cousin trying to make it in the Atlanta hip-hop scene.

He recently put out the longest trailer to date and has just uploaded six new teaser videos at 15 seconds a piece that offer more introspective content beyond the character's musical journey. Watch the promo videos below: